Rhealba® Oat

A true plant-based treasure

Thanks to its soothing properties, Rhealba® Oat is the plant-based, naturally active ingredient found at the heart of every A-DERMA product. 


What exactly is Rhealba® Oat?

For the past 30 years, the unique and exclusive, Rhealba® Oat has been the plant-based, naturally active ingredient at the heart of every A-DERMA product

It has been chosen for its specific properties including:

  • Soothing and anti-irritating
  • Protecting
  • Nourishing and hydrating
  • Anti-oxidant



Ethical, organic agriculture 

Our Rhealba® Oat is grown according to strict organic agriculture guidelines:

  • No fertiliser
  • No pesticides or fungicides
  • No genetic modification 
  • Recycled organic material 
  • Crop rotation

and grown exclusively in south-western France. 


Why unique?

From the Rhealba® Oat grain, selected from over 80 species of oat, we have extracted the precious active ingredients required to address the needs of sensitive and irritated skin.


Why exclusive?

The A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories have selected the Rhealba Oat®. We are the only ones in the world allowed to grow it.


Rhealba® Oat Charter of Quality

All of our products are designed following the "Rhealba® Oat Charter of Quality" in order to maintain the highest standards.

All of our biological, clinical and tolerance studies on Rhealba® Oat have been carried out under strict dermatological guidelines, guaranteeing optimal quality and safety. 


30 years of research have led to a major discovery: Rhealba® Oat Seeding extract

Rhealba® Oat Seedling extracts, young shoots between 10 and 12 weeks old, contain all the qualities of the fully grown plant. It's at this key moment that we harvest in order to extract specific molecules at the height of their efficacy.

By utilising both dermatological and cosmetic active ingredients, A-DERMA skin care products bring together the best of advanced research and nature.