A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories

Dermatological expertise … naturally

A-DERMA is the first dermo-cosmetic brand to use Rhealba® Oat, a natural, plant-based active ingredient that both soothes irritated skin and protects sensitive skin.


When nature offers a new solution… 

The A-DERMA brand has a history (reaching back 30 years) of bringing together nature and the skin - from research to dermatological know-how. 
The expertise of Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre highlights the value of a true plant-based treasure: Rhealba® Oat.  







Our mission

Our expertise enables us to create safe and efficient products that are loved by both dermatologists and consumers alike. 

Our mission is to provide honest, authentic solutions offering products that are both efficacious and caring for your skin and the environment. 






Formulations governed by a strict Charter

All of our products are formulated with a minimal number of ingredients – no essential oils, no colourants, no alcohol, and, of course, no fragrance and no parabens where possible.





A brand loved by health professionals   

Respected by health professionals around the world for our profound understanding of dry, red, itchy and irritated skin, we are very proud of our outstanding 20 year partnership with the European Task Force for Atopic Dermatitis. 

Today, we are able to extend our expertise, caring for the sensitive skin of the entire family.






Why sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin: The skin’s natural balance is permanently under threat from daily stresses including unsuitable skincare products for skin type, irritating procedures, climatic stress…

Irritated skin: It is characterised by visible, uncomfortable reactions.