Protecting our environment

Respect for the environment is at the heart of everything we do at the Pierre Fabre laboratories and in particular with the A-DERMA brand.

A-DERMA’s objective: Responsible and sustainable development


1. Innovative, safe and efficacious active ingredients from  the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre.

2. The source of these active ingredients is one unique plant, the Rhealba Oat®. Grown only in the South West of France, the oat is grown according to strict organic guidelines without the use of pesicides, fungicides or genetic modification.

3. Careful conservation of water : farming methods that require less water and an efficient water cooling system on our manufacturing site (water consumption is 10% lower).

4. Our manufacturing centre is located close to the crops and certified as being of ‘’High Environmental Quality’’ (a first in the world of dermo-cosmetics).